Roll Warriors Ep 4 Dreamers and Rats

• June 2nd, 2020

The Associates make contact with local Kennedy's boss Jackie and prepare for the sale's pitch of a lifetime. Saul has a dream that leaves him rattled and Suifenji gets asked out on a date. Surprises await the gang in Episode 4!

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Roll Warriors Ep3 Party With the Kennedy’s

• May 19th, 2020

The plan is starting to come together for The Associates. A visit to Sahara's Research Dept. gets Suifenji a new toy, Saul gets some bad news from his Weapon Supplier, and the gang attends a party incognito. The tension is building in Episode 3!

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Roll Warriors Ep2 How to Befriend a Ripper

• May 5th, 2020

The Associates debate how to gain entry to the abandoned research facility and question who they should and shouldn't trust. Suifenji uses a previously unknown skillset and shocks everyone.

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Roll Warriors Ep1 The Associates

• April 20th, 2020

Come join the Cyberpunk trio for some corporate sanctioned troublemaking! Meet the cast of Gavin Kidder (host/referee), Jessie Mintz (cast), Will Greiner (cast), and Demaurio Hickman (cast).

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